• Our Captivate Captioning service was established in 2011, specialising in the delivery of live captions/realtime event transcription for conferences and events throughout Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and South Asia. We utilise specialist stenocaptioners teamed with the latest technologies. This service is also often referred to as speech-to-text.

    Our Captivate Captioning service enables your on-site participants to view an instant realtime transcript, typically on a large screen. Off-site participants can also follow the event via webcasting.

    We can also provide verbatim transcripts, as well as a digital recording of your event. This ensures accurate and timely transcripts are available to participants, sponsors and media.

    • Annual general meetings
    • Conferences
    • Seminars
    • Cultural events
    • Educational events
    • Press releases
    • Sporting events
    • Festivals and religious events

Our unique skill set, regional presence and local knowledge makes a difference. We invite you to contact us and discover the advantages we can provide your team.